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Hello! It’s my pleasure to announce that this week marks the release of the first episode of Fang Club, a new podcast dedicated to discussing vampire movies of the 21st century. My friend and co-host Bri Martin and I are so excited to share our new project with you! We’ve had so much fun creating this podcast, and we hope you have just as much fun listening to it.

Our first episode dives into the 2015 instant-classic mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows. If you like vampires, movies, or vampire movies, give our podcast a try! Fang Club is available wherever you listen to your podcasts, or you can use the embedded player in this post to listen to our first episode right now.

As we get up and running, your support means so much to us, and there are ways to support us for free! If you enjoy our show, subscribe, tell your friends, and share on your social media. You can also follow the podcast @fangclubpod on Twitter and Instagram for updates and vampire memes. If you really like what we’re doing and feel so inclined, you can make a one-time donation to the pod through our Ko-Fi page. The podcast is a passion project and a labor of love for Bri and I, but any donations will help us cover the monthly cost of media hosting and the intermittent cost of digital film rentals.

Welcome to the Club.



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