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Delayed Responses

The classic blog has a new, dedicated page! Here you can find my monthly posts, longer form essays, and looser musings.

The Delayed Responses you know and love, in other words.

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I believe in softcore pornography… but isn’t that for straight dudes?

  I believe in softcore pornography… but isn’t that for straight dudes? Part One: The Discourse, erotic thriller nostalgia, and the feminist angles   For the past two years, give or take, I’ve been formulating and untangling a whole mess of interrelated thoughts on the State of the Sex Scene in mainstream film and television. […]


“I’m a slave to rock and roll”: Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages (2012)

  It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of an electric guitar must be in want of a groupie. Or something like that. Starting a band to get a girlfriend is a time-honored tactic employed by teenaged film protagonists, after all. Even today, with rock and roll reportedly dead, the […]


Tra La La, Oom Pah Pah: Let’s Get Drunk with the Ghost of Christmas Present

  I grew up in a movie musical-loving household, so, naturally, our yearly dose of A Christmas Carol came in the form of Scrooge, the 1970 musical interpretation of Dickens’ holiday classic. While this version is my sentimental favorite, I concede that this adaptation makes a number of baffling decisions. For one, Scrooge was an […]


A short post on laser eyes

  [I rarely write about new releases, so I’m not in the habit of doing spoiler alerts at the top of my posts. BUT this post includes spoilers for Eternals. *Taylor Swift voice* Don’t say I didn’t, say I didn’t, warn ya.]   Every so often, a satire or parody comes along that is so […]


I Guess I’m the Heterosexual Dream Man: On being a woman who identifies with Roy Kent

  [SPOILER WARNING: This piece discusses plot points from seasons one and two of Ted Lasso, so if you’re not totally caught up and don’t want spoilers, wait to read this until later! Also, I refer to “soccer” as “football” throughout the piece because the show’s British characters do so, and calling the sport “soccer” […]