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Call For Guest Posts

Do you have some thoughts about a movie that you’ve waited far too long to share? If you’d like to contribute a guest post, please contact Leah at delayedresponsesblog@gmail.com. Leah runs the site as a part-time personal project, but she would love to use her resources to periodically feature voices and perspectives besides her own. While pitches are welcome if you can provide relevant writing samples, Leah encourages writers to send first drafts. Delayed Responses is a platform for any persuasive, analytical, and/or personal essays relating to film. As a general rule, Leah would rather hear about a film you love than a film you hate. Most posts are approximately 2000 words, although longer submissions will be considered if the topic warrants a deeper exploration. Leah offers $50 to $100 per post. All accepted pitches and drafts are subject to a collaborative editing process before publishing.

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