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Delayed Responses is Leah Carlson-Downie’s film blog. Leah enjoys watching films with other people, but she secretly dreads the moment after the film ends—the moment when her viewing companion will inevitably turn to her and ask, “So, what did you think of the movie?” She can never come up with a thoughtful, conversation-stimulating response on the spot. Much like Kathleen Kelly when faced with an insult, Leah’s mind goes blank; she can only think of the perfect thing to say about the film days or weeks later, after some reflection. Delayed Responses is her space to share her writings, musings, and trains of thought about the films she watches without any pressure whatsoever to be timely.

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About Leah

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Leah is a librarian by day and a pop-culture junkie by… all the time, to be honest. She is a longtime cinephile who continuously endeavors to learn more about the history of the form. She has always been a writer but has only recently felt comfortable calling herself one. Leah usually digs movie musicals, period pieces, and parody films. You can find her on Twitter @themingtacular, where she mostly retweets other people’s great writing. She also co-hosts an obsessive podcast about 21st-century vampire films called Fang Club. Leah currently lives in the Seattle area with her husband and their two cats.